Couples Counselling or Perinatal Therapy to Help you Heal and Live a Life you Love

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to love the life you are living right now?

How wonderful it would be to live your life to the fullest every day! Unfortunately, the truth is, that it can seem very challenging, if not impossible, to truly love your life when you are burdened with sadness, worries, stress, due to a difficult pregnancy, the challenges of being a new parent or relationship distress.

If you are struggling in your relationship, during pregnancy or as a new parent, click on one of the links on the boxes below to find out how I as a therapist can help…

Relationships Can be a Struggle…

Relationship distress can be a disheartening and disillusioning experience that can cause you to feel hopeless about love. You and your partner may be struggling to understand, support, trust, or simply to enjoy each other.

Find out more about how marriage counselling can help you to heal and strengthen your relationship.

Pregnancy & Parenthood Can Be Stressful…

Pregnancy, postpartum, and new motherhood are especially vulnerable times in a woman’s life. It can be particularly frustrating to experience overwhelming feelings of emotional distress at the very time that you are expected to fully enjoy the transition to motherhood.

Find out more about how perinatal therapy can help you with depression or anxiety in pregnancy, postpartum, or early motherhood.

As a couples counsellor and pregnancy and postpartum therapist I have gained a great deal of experience treating individuals and couples who are experiencing depression, anxiety, and relationship stress.

We all have the capability for emotional and relational healing. With the right guidance and support it is possible to love the life you are living. Getting there is a process that requires a commitment to yourself and relational improvement as well as an openness to learning new skills and strategies for optimal health and well being.

Whether you are experiencing the suffering associated with an ailing relationship or the emotional distress that prenatal or postpartum depression entails, there is hope –perinatal therapy or couples therapy can help you to heal and begin living a life you love.