Couples Therapy

Nearly 50% of Couples Are So Stressed that Their Marriages End in Painful and Costly Divorces

The Good News is That Couples Therapy Can Help You To Heal Your Relationship

When you committed to your partner you had huge hopes for the beautiful life that you would create together. But at some point along the way, you discovered that being in a committed relationship is really hard work.

Please know that you are not the only couple having relationship problems. No relationship or marriage is immune to problems. All relationships experience some distress caused by stress associated with illness, work pressures, moving, in-laws, money, children, etc. In fact, exciting life events such as pregnancy, weddings, and new babies can also put significant strain on relationships.

Knowing that you are not alone in the discouragement, pain, or struggle you are experiencing may help a little.

But it doesn’t solve your worries and struggles…

Relationship Problems Can Be Disheartening When They First Surface… and as They Get Worse, Can Leave You Feeling Desperate and Hopeless

Since you’ve come to my couples therapy website, seeking a marriage counsellor, you’ve probably experienced at least some of the following:

  • Feeling lonely even though you’re in a committed relationship.
  • Frustration when your partner doesn’t really listen to you.
  • Feeling ignored or unloved by your partner.
  • Feeling abandoned or rejected because you can’t count on your partner to be there for you.
  • Conflicts that are escalating out of control and leaving you feeling lost, overwhelmed, or exhausted.
  • Worry that your relationship might not survive though you desperately want to save it.

If you can relate to some of the above, it is not surprising. After all, nobody taught you how to overcome hurtful disappointments or exactly how to have a successful relationship. You are likely doing the best that you can without a roadmap—but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do better. As your relationship therapist I can show you how to navigate the road to a happy and healthy relationship.

You Can Beat The Divorce Statistics…Relationship Success is Possible

Regardless of where you are at right now with your partner, there is always hope. Even the most damaged relationships can heal with the help of a skilled marriage counsellor. Unproductive patterns of communication can be shifted and conflicts can be resolved with renewed understanding and peacefulness. Just imagine how much more fulfilling your relationship might be if you felt loved and cared for by your partner. Imagine what it would be like if you enjoyed each other more and started having fun again.

Through couples counselling you can experience:

  • The satisfaction of re-establishing a meaningful emotional connection with your partner.
  • The confidence to manage conflict effectively and trust that it can actually help you grow together instead if pull you apart.
  • The comfort of knowing that you can depend on your partner to be there for you.
  • The joy of simply getting along better and having fun together again!
Helping Good People Create Quality Relationships

Hi, my name is Amy Marshall and I’m here to help. It would be a privilege to be your couples therapist. I’d love to work with you to heal, strengthen, and nurture your relationship. As a Family Systems Nurse and marriage therapist I have learned about the ripple effect that occurs within a family when one family member is distressed. This ripple effect definitely occurs in couple relationships as well. When one partner suffers, for any reason, their partner also experiences the strain. And ultimately, in many cases, their relationship suffers.

Through working with families in marriage therapy helping couples heal their relationships in times of stress or illness, I have gained valuable insight about how precious, complicated, and vulnerable modern-day relationships are. I have pursued many opportunities to learn from well-known leaders in the field of marriage therapy—Dr. John Gottman; Dr. Sue Johnson; and Dr. Esther Perel. These master marriage therapists have provided me with research-based knowledge and skills that guide my counselling work with distressed couples.

As a couples therapist I help couples to reconnect, to understand each other better, to have fun, and re-create meaningful lives together.

I am deeply committed to helping couples heal their relationships. I offer a caring and nurturing marriage counselling approach with an aim to balance the emotional and practical needs of couples in distress. So, contact me and find out how I can help. You can reach me by phone/text (403.461.6488) or e-mail: OR to book your appointment using my on-line scheduling system click here.