Q & A

Q: How do we know if relationship counselling is right for us?

A: It can be difficult to answer this question thoroughly and honestly without first assessing the problem. If you went to the emergency department with a sore leg a physician would not put a cast on your leg without first determining the problem (fracture) through assessment (x-ray). Relationship counselling should unfold in a similar manner: assessment first and intervention second. Typically, the first two sessions are designed to thoroughly assess your relationship. Assessment helps us to identify relationship strengths as well as areas for improvement. This informs the answer to the question as to whether or not relationship therapy is indicated.

Q: I’d like to work on my relationship but my partner isn’t willing to participate in couples therapy. Do you work with individuals?

A: Yes I do work with individuals and I do believe that relationship growth and change can occur as a result of individual therapy.

Q: May I bring my baby to the therapy sessions?

A: Yes, of course! I generally discourage parents from bringing children older than 1 year of age to therapy sessions but infants are welcome.

Q: Are your services covered by insurance?

A: While fees for counseling are not covered by Alberta Health Care some employer insurance companies do provide reimbursement for therapy services offered by a Master’s prepared Registered Nurse. You may contact your insurance company to inquire about the coverage you have.

The College and Association of Registered Nurses has approved this independent practice.

Q: Are therapy sessions confidential?

A: I value client privacy and I am committed to protecting your confidential health information. Any health information that is collected through the process of our work together will be kept in the strictest confidence and carefully protected in accordance with the Canadian Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses and the College and Association of Registered Nurses practice guidelines. There are a couple of exceptions to confidentiality (i.e. risk of self/other harm or child or elder abuse/neglect) that are explained in detail at the beginning of the first session.

Q: How can I book an initial counseling session?

A:  Therapy sessions for individuals or couples can be scheduled by contacting me by phone or text at 403.461.6488 or e-mail amy@therelationshipresource.ca. Evening and weekend sessions are available.

Please call/text 403.461.6488 or

e-mail amy@therelationshipresource.ca to schedule your appointment.

You may book your appointment through my on-line booking scheduling system here.